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Zero Circle Delivery Bottle Return 


Think milk man delivery. Your refills come in glass bottles. You purchase a pump during your first order and keep that pump during your entire refill relationship with us. When your replacement refill arrives, simply swap your pump into the fresh bottle and we'll come and collect the empty one. You'll receive a refund for each bottle returned to us as part of this closed-loop delivery program.*

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How much will I be refunded?


In this closed-loop relationship we literally buy back your delivery bottlesIn order to be eligible for refund, the bottle must be one of ours that was purchased as a Zero Circle Closed-Loop Delivery order.

Upcycled containers:  $0 

Mason Jar: $3

16 oz Clear Glass Bottle: $5

16oz Amber Glass Bottle: $5


  • Your first delivery order will arrive in a ZERO Refills tote bag. Keep this bag to place your empties in. 

  • To be eligible for refund, bottles must be ours and have a ZERO Circle Delivery label on them for refund. 

  • Refills are processed against bottles returned from online orders of ZERO Circle Closed-Loop Delivery only. Bottles will not be accepted for refund at the shop if you come in to refill.  

  • Bottles must be received back to us in the same condition that they were issued to you.  We reserve the right to refuse refund for any damaged, cracked, chipped, or broken bottles.  (that is a you broke it, you bought it situation) 

  • Refunds are processed once per week. 

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