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places to donate other used items

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pet food


143 Exchange (Cohasset)

A free clothing exchange.  Women's and children's clothing. Check them out on instagram: @143exchange

Other ideas:

Women's shelter

Veteran's collection



Scituate Animal Shelter 

780 Chief Justice Cushing Highway

Scituate, MA 02066

24hr donation box to the right of the front entrance. (the cedar box)

click here to find out what items they can accept.

Other Ideas:

Animal Hospital

Homeless shelter

Women's shelter

Veteran's collection

Pet Food and Feed bags

Little Ski's Dairy 

3147 E 12 N

Idaho Falls, ID 

They clean the bags and upcycle them into tote bags to raise money for their farm. Receive a free tote bag in return for your first donation.  check them out on tiktok:  @littleskisdairy

Used toys


Day cares

Women's shelter

Youth home

Christmas Trees (real)

Channell Homestead 

92 South St, Hanson, MA 02341


Goats love christmas trees! It is important that your tree has not been treated with any type of sprays or preservatives.  If you are unsure, please check with the location that you purchased your tree.  We want to keep our goat friends safe. 

used toys
christmas tree
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